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tv   [untitled]    January 9, 2011 6:30am-7:00am PST

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then i would ask those who are trying to solidify this point -- pick mr. lee today to give us the same courtesy that we were trying to do for the consensus candidate but he administration. if not, then something else is amiss here, it is something else is amiss, but i think what that does is it spoils the very process that i think we are now engaged in. it bespeaks of unknowns that people are going to be absolutely insisted in determining how these ships of alliances occurred before our very eyes, -- how these ships -- shifts have occurred. there is partisanship and the
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last several hours. i think that was not the case when other candidates were put forward, with, i think, immersed -- most earnestness. president chiu: supervisor alioto-pier? supervisor alioto-pier: this is the first time that we as a body have had a conversation about in mr. mayor and the prospects of interim mayor, so the idea that there were alliances that were in place that have now shifted is a little misconstrued, considering this is the fact that this is the first time we have had this public dialogue. what i would like to remind all of us is what we're doing here tonight is somewhat symbolic and note we have a mayor of san francisco. that mayor of san francisco has not left the position. he is now claiming to do so until the board is in place, so ultimately, it looks like, and
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from the advice we have gotten from counsel, really what this board does is more of a statement to the next board what we would like. it does not mean that this is what the next board will do, and so let's not forget that when supervisor campos says that he has not had conversations with mr.. lee, that opportunity will be available for you until the new board is put in place, so what we're doing tonight is we're saying as the current board of the city and county of san francisco what we are looking for and what we would like to see, but what the new board actually puts forward is going to be what actually has standing and what actually takes place, so let's consider that in the rest of our deliberations and in our final vote, and i do think that with the four of us that is leading that there is a
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statement to be made in the type of person we would like to see set forward and the type of person that we believe would be the best candidate for this particular job, but to koran because all of us up and sitting here for at least two years, and those of a suit are leaving have been here for at least six years, some 14 years. supervisors maxwell aned -- and daly have been here for 10 years, and regardless, and what they have to say is important. supervisor mirkarimi: thank you, supervisor alioto-pier. supervisor campos. supervisor campos: because you had mentioned to me, i know the boat has to be ratified, but i do believe that before we act on
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a substantive motion, which is the nomination of someone, that we should have the information that we need to make an informed decision, and it is not, again, but i question mr. lee, on the contrary, i have always been very open to him, but i think he deserves that, and i do think it is a disservice like him. that is what i am asking for. supervisor mirkarimi: thank you. supervisor david chiu. president chiu: this is what is called the pre-ratification vote. this is not the permanent decision. under the procedure that we had
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decided a number of weeks ago, an appointment is not considered final until there is a vacancy, and there is no vacancy, as the deputy city attorney told us, and the board must ratify any prospective appointment when a vacancy arises, so, again, next tuesday, we are going to have to go through this again, and it turns out that the full board of supervisors, three of them are folks who have voted for mr. lee, so there will be a real vetting process over the next week, but i would say the we have all work more closely with ed lee than any of the other people who have been nominated tonight, given the breadth of his experience. everyone fundamentally trusts his integrity. everyone fundamentally trusts his competence. everyone fundamentally trusts
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the breadth and depth of his knowledge of city government, whether it is car sharing issues or contract issues -- we can run the gamut of the hundreds of issues that he has worked on for the city over the past few decades. i do hope that by the next revocation votes that we're all together united, because we need to stand to get the united. colleagues, we have too many challenges in the city to deal with, and we need to move beyond this false sense of partisanship here. we need to address and attack the serious issues that are facing us right now. and, colleagues, that is what i hope we can all do by next week. supervisor mirkarimi: thank you. supervisor avalos.
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i believe you intimated a motion, but i did not hear a second on the motion. supervisor avalos: right, and i want to continue on the conversation a little more. supervisor mirkarimi: right. supervisor avalos: i do not feel right making such a big vote, even if we have to ratify it next week. i do not think that making such a big decision about who our interim mayor is going to be without having all the time we need to really vet the candidate the way we would like to is the appropriate way to go, and, colleagues, i would really like to have the courtesy of the time to meet with ed lee to have that conversation. i do not think it is asking too much to have that continuance to do it. we can find a consensus that we do not have right now. i do not know if we will of a
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full consensus, but i would like that courtesy from you guys. i do not think it is asking very much, and i think it is the right way to make a decision on something that is so momentous as to who is going to be the mayor, in the mayor's office in the next year. so i would like to continue this. i am not sure when ed lee is coming back. that is a very difficult thing to predict. i have heard that it will be sunday. asking him to come back early from hong kong, we could meet by friday late afternoon. we can see if we can continue the meeting at that time in recess this item until 3:00 on friday afternoon. supervisor mirkarimi: supervisor avalos, you have a date certain? a time? supervisor avalos: 3:00. supervisor mirkarimi: simply
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following the loss of etiquette. supervisor avalos: with all due respect, colleagues, i could have a conversation on the phone with him by friday. i do not think it is unfair for me to ask of my colleagues on the board so i could have a conversation. i would give the same courtesy, as well. supervisor mirkarimi: thank you, supervisor avalos. supervisor campos: i think because we're talking about a symbolic vote, i think somebody referred to that. i think there is something about symbolism. i think symbolism matters, and i think there is symbolism in trying to get as much support for this individual as we possibly can.
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i actually think that the symbolism of having as many members of this board behind mr. lee is something that is worth waiting for, and i do think that symbolism matters, and i do think that we have an obligation to make sure that whoever is elected is as successful as possible. supervisor mirkarimi: madam clerk? supervisor avalos. supervisor avalos: i would also give me the courtesy of not making an outburst when someone else is speaking. supervisor mirkarimi: madam clerk, since there appears to be no other speakers, then roll call, please. clerk calvillo: of the motion to
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continue item 26 until friday at 3:00 p.m., [reading roll] there are six ayes and five noes. [applause] president chiu: soca colleagues, this item has been continued until january 7, this friday, a special meeting at the board, 3:00 p.m. [gavel] colleagues, we still have two in
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paris of items, and i believe that one was offered by boat supervisor alioto-pier -- by supervisor alioto-pier. clerk calvillo: yes, on behalf of supervisor alioto-pier, to have someone named. president chiu: we have a motion and a second. any public comment? can we take this item without objection? without objection, this appeared to biden is passed. supervisor dufty has, if i can ask individuals to please leave the chamber is why we are still conducting business? the second imperative item. clerk calvillo: family service
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agency day, to recognize the 121st year of reform, innovation, and concern for the most vulnerable of san franciscans. president chiu: is there a second? second by supervisor alioto- pier. is there any public comment? colleagues, can we take this important item without objection? without objection, as indicated. ladies and gentlemen, can you please take your conversations out in the hallway? thank you. out of respect for the in memorials. clerk calvillo: today's meeting
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will be adjourned on behalf of the following people, supervised el wrotesber -- supervisor elsbernd. item 26 will be recessed, and, mr. president, if you can direct me to process the remaining items from the agenda? president chiu: the meeting will be recessed until 3:00 on friday. that was item 26. now, if we can call -- clerk calvillo: today's meeting will be adjourned on behalf of the following people. [reading in memoriums] president chiu: colleagues,
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ladies and gentlemen, do we have any more business in front of the board today? given that, colleagues, happy new year. item 26 is recessed. the rest of the meeting is adjourned for the rest of the evening.
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>> it has been amazing. the people have been so gracious and so supportive of what we're doing. the energy here is fantastic with so many couples getting married. it's just been an absolutely fantastic experience, so wonderful. >> by the power vested in me, i declare you spouses for life. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> to actually be able to get married and be a part of this time in history and time in our history is amazing. >> this is a momentous occasion for us to be able to actually have this opportunity to have equal rights. >> we have been together for 14 years. everyone is so welcoming. it's been all set up and people have guided us from step to step. it's been easy. there was live music. people are so friendly and excited.
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so excited for us. >> it's really great. >> yeah. >> and salvador is party a here to known as party a. >> on the out it looks pretty simple. you come in, you made your appointment. you pay. you go here for your license. you got there to get married. you go there if you want to purchase a certified copy. behind the scenes, there was just this monumental just mountain of work, the details into everything that we had to do and we quickly realized that we were not ready to issue the numbers of licenses that people are anticipating that we would need to issue. we definitely did not want people waiting in long lines. this is somebody's wedding. you want to be able to plan and invite your family and friends. know what time you are able to get your marriage license, know what time you're going to have your ceremony.
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>> thanks for volunteering. >> we got city volunteers, we got members of the public volunteering. we had our regular volunteers volunteering. we had such an overwhelming response from city employees, from the members of the general public that we had way more volunteers than we could ever have hoped for. we had to come up with a training program. i mean, there are different functions of this whole operation. you were either, you know a check-in person. you were a greeter. you were part of the license issuing unit. you were deputy marriage commissioner, or you were on the recording side. each one of those functions required a different set of skills, a different oath of office if they needed to be sworn in as a deputy county clerk to issue marriage licenses or as a deputy county recorder if they were going to
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register the marriage licenses or the deputy marriage commissioner if they were going to be performing ceremonies. >> donna, place the ring on her ring finger. >> the marriage commissioner training was only about a half hour. it was very simple. very well run, very smooth and then we were all sworn in. >> they said we would get our scheduled sunday night and so 7:00, 8:00, 10:00, you know, i got it at 11:00. this person who was orchestrating all of the shifts and the volunteers and who does what, you know, said from her office sunday night at 11:00. they are just really helping each other. it's a wonderful atmosphere in that way. >> have you filled out an application? >> not yet. you want to do that. >> take this right over there. >> all right. >> take it tout counter when you're done. >> very good. >> congratulations, you guys. >> for those volunteers, what a gift for them as well as us that they would take up their
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time and contribute that time, but also that they would in return receive so much more back because they're part of the narrative of someone else's love and expression of love in life. >> this isn't anything that we had budgeted for, so it was basically we asked our i.t. director to do the best you can, you know, belling, borrow, steal if you have to and get us what you need to do this. and he knew what the mission was. he knew what our goal was. and, you know, with our i.t. grids and our software vender, they really came together and pulled it together for us. it made it possible for us to be able to serve as many couples as we have been. >> so once you're ready, you and your husband to be or wife need to be need to check in here and check in again, ok. are you also going to get married today? >> yeah. >> let's process you one by one. do your license in, exit and
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re-enter again check in at that desk. >> our wedding is at 3:00. >> as long as we get you in today. >> we're getting married at 2:30. >> don't worry about the time line. we're greeting people at the doorway and either directing them to the services they need on this side which is licensing or the services on this side which is actually getting the ceremony performed. >> this is an opportunity to choose to be a part of history. many times history happens to us, but in this case, you can choose to be a part of it. this is a very historic day and so i'm very, very proud to be here. >> i have been volunteering. last monday i performed 12 different marriage smones. the least amount of time that any of the couples that i married have been together is two years. most of the couples have been together eight, nine, 10, i'd say 70% have been together at least that long if not longer.
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>> there is a lot of misconception about who gay and lesbian people are. it's important that people see that we love our husbands and wives to be and love our children and have the right to have families just like everyone else. >> it's important that we have experienced our own families, our own friends, and the excitement of the volunteers when we get here has made us feel wonderful and accepted and celebrated. >> there is a lot of city agencies, city departments, divisions that offer up their employees to help us out since overwhelming response, it's unbelievable at how city government works. this is the time that san francisco city employees have really outshined san francisco's clerk's office didn't need to hear from the mayor to say what's your plan.
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they offered a plan and said here is our strategy. here is what we can do. we can add all of these computers here and there. we can connect our databases, we can expand our capacity by x. we can open up early and stay late and stay open on the weekends. it's unbelievable. we can coordinate all of the training for our volunteers and them in as deputy marriage commissioners and make sure it's signed and certified. that's an example and a model for others. this is -- what happens is when people prove that things can be done, it just raises the bar for what is possible for everyone else. >> it kind of went cooled plan and this is what we planned for. in some respects, people have kind of commented to me, oh, my god, you were a part of history and how many couples did we mary? how many families did we start?
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how many dreams did we make come true? the whole part of being part of history is something that we are here and we are charged with this responsibility to carry out.
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>> about four years ago, [inaudible] look at how beautiful this was. there is our relationship to the planet. these regions are the wealthiest, the most powerful. that really has impacted the planet. it is almost impossible now to go anywhere and had it really be completely dark. there are very few locations that you can find. that means our relationship to
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the sky, there is a way where we dominate the sky. we cannot see anything really. we are blinding ourselves in a way. >> you can look at the images, they are beautiful. when i started four years ago, there was a conversation about environmental issues that was very different. this is not being talked about in the way it is now. .


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